Hello, I'm Ashlee!
Welcome to Red Lemon Art & Photography!

Thanks for visiting my little corner of the internet!


“It has taken me years to learn this, but it does seem to be the case if that I am not actively creating something, then I am probably actively destroying something” ― Elizabeth Gilbert. 

I'm an Artist,
Jewelry Maker,
Quote Collector,
Part-Time Adventurer,
Full-Time Dog Mom,
& an endless amount of other labels.

If you enjoy my work chances are you’ll like me too!
I put every bit of my heart into my art.

 Simple Moments Photography

Simple Moments Photography

She captures a great deal of natural beauty.
— Larissa, Zest Session Client
 Jake Hawley Visuals

Jake Hawley Visuals

Ashlee never stopped smiling, she made sure everyone was having fun and was included. She was continuously full of enthusiasm, ingenuity, and creativity.
— Anna Ruck, STRUCKBLOG.com
 Four/19 Photography

Four/19 Photography

Ashlee is talented behind the lens, there’s no doubt about that; but, what most fail to mention is her adorable personality, her intuitive knowledge of posing and her ability to warm up a room.
— Elise Degen, Lookbook Model
 Caylee Ortiz

Caylee Ortiz