I Want You to Lie || Arianna & Lauren

You heard it right folks... I want you to tell a little white lie. I want you to get creative, make up that story and all the people in it, and of course... MAKE SURE YOU TELL EVERYONE WHAT YOU DID AFTER!!

Ummm... what are you talking about, Ashlee? Have you gone mad?

Absolutely not. I do however, want to explain why a little white lie is so important these days. So grab a cup of coffee (or wine if you're with me!) and take some notes.

Let me start by saying you should never out-right lie to your partner. Honesty and communication are the most important things one could have in a relationship. I do however fully support little white lies. I'm not talking about the ones were you say you "forgot" to do the dishes (we both know you can't miss the PILES in the sink...), I'm talking about the ones that you need to tell to keep surprises.

Boudoir sessions should always be for you, firstly. Secondly, if you choose to gift your images to that special someone, you may need a cover as to why you look INCREDIBLE going out for "lunch with a friend". Don't worry - I have you covered. Here are my top TEN excuses to tell your other half before the big day.

1) You needed a "YOU" day - which explains the shopping receipts, nice hair, and pretty makeup. It makes total sense that you spoiled yourself.

2) Your great aunt Fran came into town and wants to take you out to see a play. You guess it is a "formal thing" which is why you just spent two hours getting ready.

3) You are "updating" your lingerie drawer. Make sure to tease and say they will "see them later"... IN PHOTOS!!!!

4) You picked up an extra shift at work and to "make yourself feel better" you did a little extra getting ready. If you're home early, it is just another reason to boast about your day!

5) You're having a fashion photo shoot (I mean... who said you had to give details?). If this is "unusual" for you - say you're helping a friend build their portfolio.

7) You are just "going out with the girls". Just a another regular Tuesday.

8) A new exhibit just opened at an art gallery. You know your other half just "isn't into that kind of thing." You'll fly solo this time. No really, you don't mind at all. 

9) You're going as "moral support" for your friend's photo shoot. You want to look your best in case the photographer sneaks in a shot or twenty. 

10) You don't need an excuse. You just look like a babe every day.

HUGE thank you to both Arianna and Lauren who inspired this post. Both woman wanted to surprise their boyfriends with a boudoir shoot. Sadly - both ladies spoiled the surprise before the intended date (They were too excited, we can all relate to that!). Hope this inspires you and I can't WAIT to blow your cover!!