Do It for YOU | Kingston, Ontario, Canada | Jesse

I understand. The idea of boudoir, or any exposed style of session, can feel scary. Putting our own self doubts aside is never an easy task, and doing this in front of a camera can seem nearly impossible! But I want you to take a step back. Take a big breathe. 

You are stunning. Your body and mind are some of the greatest creations on this earth. That should be celebrated. 

Each line, wrinkle, fold, lump and detail you have on your body are the words that tell the story of YOU. 

Boudoir to me, puts those words into focus. It takes the beauty of the human body and preserves it for years to come. Sure, you could have doubt right now, but can you image when you're 70 years old and you have photographs like this to share with the world? I really do hope at the age you have no shame. I really hope at this age, you try to see the joys of that and start right now.

Do it for YOU.

Feel the Zest life has to offer. 

Jesse, I've known her for nearly my entire life. I've seen her grow as a young child, into a woman. I've known her through relationships, through moves to other counties - we've never lost touch. 

When she reached out wanting to do a boudoir shoot, she was very unsure. I don't believe I gave her the chance to change her mind after mentioning it to me! She wanted this images for her and that was all I needed to hear. Self love, that is reason to celebrate. Thankfully, she agreed and after a little prep and confidence, I think we can all agree she ROCKED the $!@& out of this shoot!!!