Sweet Sessions & What to Expect | Kingston, Ontario, Canada | Boudoir with Aleesha

I get it, the idea of your own boudoir shoot is scary as fuck.
You want to feel powerful, sexy, independent, free & a million other type of ways.

But let’s keep it short & Sweet.

I’m telling you, I’m all about that real life type of shoots. The “show up & shoot”, no frills and coming exactly as you are. That is what’s beautiful.

So I designed the Sweet Package as part of my Zest Sessions. Boudoir, to add the Zest back into your life. To show your very Zest self! (Okay, I’ll see myself out…)

This package is my easy-peasy package that is the first tier in what I offer.

All it requires is an hour & YOU!

Some woman, like Aleesha, have fashion and makeup/hair skills to BOOT. They certainly don’t need my assistance, suggestions or time with all of that. Aleesha was ready to go… seriously she arrived to our shooting location and quickly asked “where do I change” while promptly pulling out her wardrobe choices.

Of course if you DO want the full experience I offer a Sour Package that includes both hair and makeup. If you’re really not into either, ask about my Tart Package (100% au naturel)

We created some serious Sweet magic in these shots, I hope you enjoy them!