Squidish Boudoir with Jaclyn |Kingston, Ontario, Canada| Odd Art Session

Caution: This post isn’t for everyone. But for me, it was an experience I will never forget.
Disclaimer: Yes they are real. They were purchased by Dre at a fish market in Toronto, frozen!

Meet Jac.
If you know her already, this post will be exactly what you expect.
If you are new to her… please meet Jaclyn my fiery red headed friend!

Shoots with her, are never boring.

When she mentioned a photographer friend from the GTA area was coming to town , and they were looking for space to shoot an odd art session… you know I got curious.

When a squid was mentioned, you know I was IN.
(Fun Ashlee Facts; I’m not really squeamish when it comes to stuff like this!)

Things were meant to be. I had a near-empty apartment available since I was moving in a few weeks.

This photo session was hilarious.
I had to defrost these things.

Melody of MXZ Hair and Makeup was quick at work and Dre was busy setting up his lighting rigs.

I was still defrosting these things!

What came after we were all warms up, was this: