The Importance of Props with Larissa

Today's post was inspired by my shoot with Larissa. It seems like just yesterday we were laughing in my room and I was threatening to steal all her props she brought with her!! Why was I so interested? This girl brought VINTAGE pearls... her grandmothers fur and one of the most rad jackets I've ever seen!! 

These little mementos held a special place in Larissa's heart, and by including them into her session those memories are even more preserved. Not only did they pose as lovely additions to her bedroom boudoir session, they opened up conversation between us.

Whether it be a blanket, picture frame or maybe just an old stuffed bunny - bring a few things with you on your shoot. By either adding them to the background (on a table or ledge) or bringing them into the photo (holding or using) you create a truly one of a kind experience.