Boudoir for Two, Please || Sarah & Bailie

Bringing someone to your boudoir session is completely acceptable, especially if they make you feel comfortable. I always ask that clients make sure whoever they bring are able to help keep a smile on their face, and of course allow me to do my job effectively. So what happens when you get a message asking if two sisters can book a boudoir session? You of course say yes. Little did I know, they both planned to have a shoot!!

Bailie and I had worked together previously on her graduation photos with her sweetheart, Nik. When she expressed wanting a session done to celebrate her sisterhood with Sarah, we talked about our options. They wanted their experience to be real, and to be something they could look back on to remember when they were young and free.

This session served double (or should I say triple) duty as each sister also had individual sessions done. Not only did this create an inviting atmosphere, they had the solid support they were use to from each other. From compliments, wardrobe suggestions and overall love - you can tell these images shined. I'm so thankful for being able to capture these two in intimate moments that strength their bonds to one another. Thanks for letting me part of that magic! :)