Two Season Experience with KnitWhits Couture

Updating my blog is something I surely slack on. On the one side, I now can post a two season review for KnitWhits Couture's amazing product line. The second side - I get to enjoy the session all over again! I can say it's a win-win for me.... right? 

I first met Amelia through my good friend Jesse. Of course, I had already been following along with her social media, so I knew exactly who she was. A strong, passionate mother - this woman kills it at being a #bosslady. From giftware to accessories and clothing - there is something for everyone to love. 

Our first session was to showcase the famous Zipper Scarf and a newer product, the bun hat. Thankfully it was a chilly day and we could true test the product. I'd say the weather didn't put a damper in our day - just check out these images!! 

As the weather started to warm up, Amelia stayed on top of the changing season. When she reached out to shoot her new line of Kimonos, I knew it would be a great shoot. To my surprise the shoot was set up at Bri's loft - a gorgeous airBNB just minutes walk to downtown Kingston. I believe I took just as many photos of the little decor pieces as I did the product. Everything was too perfect. Please, enjoy those photos below! 

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