Tazo Bath Co || Tazo Raw Essentials

If you follow along with my work, you'll know that I'm not one for owning a lot of things. I would rather spend my life enjoying experiences than spending money on things I won't have later in life. Beauty products are one thing I never cheap out on however, and prefer to use products that are reputable and good for my skin. I think it's important to treat your body and skin with the utmost care early in life.

I first heard of Tazo Bath Co through social media. I live in Kingston so there are a few local boutiques who carry their line. I thankfully had my first hands on experience when I was shooting another session with my friend Jesse. 

She was raving about the Afterglow line - a series of products that are wonderful for non-makeup users like us. Not only did the products have a light feel but the effects were wonderful. Any type of product I can mist or lightly massage into my face for an effortless glow is golden in my books. Of course these products can also be used within your makeup routine but I'm a pretty nature girl day to day. 

I was hooked (may have been the lip balm that was my final "I need these" moment) and couldn't wait to try more of the line. Thankfully, I can now say I have. The Afterglow Face mask is my new best friend and I pretty much want to date the Hula Girl Body Butter. Move aside for summer ladies... I smell delicious. 

If you're curious about these natural, plant based products, they can be found at the YGK Collective and thier tattoo products at Oldsoul Inktegrity and Little Sisters. Of course - you can also find them online at www.tazobathco.com or a few other places outside of Kingston.