YGK Studios Fashion Lookbook

"Where are you from" - "born and raised in the YGK". 

I'm proud to call this little-big city my home. Always have been, can't promise it always will be - but I will always remember this crazy city. 

What I love most about Kingston, are the people who come here and make something of it. When I had the chance to meet and work with Laura, this point was proven time and time again. This woman won't stop for anything or anyone. From business connections to supplying Kingston with quality, unique threads - this woman is someone to be watched. 

YGK Studios is a premium clothing line that has been designed with Kingston in mind. Their line features some statement products that shout out YGK and also a vintage line of places that are not forgotten. Like most things in Kingston... you need to feel it to experience the magic. Thankfully, you can pick up and see these items (although with other fashion lines) at the Town Loft located at 28 Bath Road.

Thank you to everyone featured in the images below - it's take a city to make a brand. More items/colours and prints available at https://www.ygkstudios.com/