YGK Studios Fashion Lookbook

There is just something about taking photos of gorgeous woman in interesting clothing. Although I don't usually work with high fashion pieces, the styles brought to Kingston by Laura at YGK Studios gives the perfect taste of the runway. Being practical and having the ability to suit many body styles - this woman sure knows what to bring to the fashion world in this community. 

When she asked me to help with this lookbook inspired shoot - I knew it would be gold. Shooting in the Town Loft is always a treat, and this time it was with some new faces. Of course I was nervous to shoot, but having a few models I had already worked with and Kaley Noel Photography at my side - we absolutely ROCKED this shoot. Below are a few of my favorites from the day - most of which are now unavailable. That is what I truly love about these fashion pop-ups that are available to us... you have to jump at the chance to grab them before they go!  You snooze, you LOSE. Thankfully, Laura always has fresh pieces available for purchase and has a constant flow of consignment items available! 

Thanks again to everyone who made this shoot possible! Enjoy a few of my favorites from the day!