Branded Portrait Session with Scott |Kingston, Ontario, Canada| Into the Void with Scott Fardella

You may recognize this gentleman in the photos below as none other than Scott! If you haven't met this man, you clearly haven't lived (and by live I mean, visit Southpaw Cat Cafe!!)

When being a cat lover and business owner wasn't enough... Scott's newest adventure was into the world of PODCASTS! He launched Into The Void with Scott Fardella start of April 2018!

Into The Void is available on iTunes and Android, or here! Search Into the Void with Scott Fardella, there will be new episodes recorded every Sunday night, available Monday mornings! You can start your week off right, so make sure you  download, rate and subscribe so you never miss an episode!

These images showcase merch that will be soon available to help support the podcast, and I'll have more details available once that goes LIVE! In the meantime, enjoy these summery shots of my friend, then go give him a listen! 

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