Clinique: Makeup Artisty with Lisa at HBC Cataraqui Centre || Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Social media is by far one of my favorite tools for my photography business. Meeting people by a simple click and message opens doors to opportunities I feel otherwise would be hidden from me. When I received a message from Lisa, an artist for Clinique in the Cataraqui Town Centre, those doors swung open.

She pitched the idea of working together on a Mother's Day promotion, where we were able to spoil one lucky woman with a day of pampering! I didn't have to think, and feel I may have even cut Lisa off when a giant "YES YES YES". I lost my mother a little over a year ago and it will always be saddening to not have her here. Being able to extend my services to another mother was my way of honoring mine for Mother's Day. 

Before the contest launched we met up to test out a few willing models to help promote the contest. These four women came from all different directions. From being clients, to friends and even family. Meeting this group of woman was both joyful and eye opening. Kingston is filled with so many amazing people, that I just haven't had the chance to meet yet. Being able to quickly connect with them in such a short time was what I strive for as a photographer.

Thanks again Lisa for including me on this.. I'll be forever grateful! Now... here is a collection of what this wonderful woman is all about!!