Where are we now? | Lemon's Loot and HOW it has Changed

My first experience with this type of thing dates back to my childhood. My mother was keen on finding ways to support the family from inside the home. Part of that included yard sales in the warmer months - something I always loved to do. She ran a home daycare, so often it was toys, videos and assorted other items we didn’t need anymore.

I thought the process was so cool. Put your things outside of your home and people will just stop by and trade you cash? Life is awesome!

We now live in an age where people go out of their way to find items to turn a profit. That is where Lemon’s Loot has adventured to. I have always been patient and with that I find it yields the best finds. What started as a personal collection turned into friends asking HOW I was able to find what I did. It was just easy for me. I love to sort and organize items. It’s very natural for me.

So when I started to hear, “I wish I had that” or “I can’t believe you found the perfect piece”, my mind had a spark! I could collect items that other creatives could use in their work. So that’s how it started to transition. I started to think outside of my personal goals and started to look for items that shot well, were of interest and just caught my attention.

I have only casually posted on my Instagram feed (@redlemonap) and on my personal Facebook for friends&family… but the response has been INCREDIBLE!

I’ve ALWAYS love the thrill of the thrift. It is NOT for everyone. Some people cringe at the idea of spending four hours, going piece by piece to find the PERFECT one. But that is a thrill for me. But what I love most, is finding pieces that spark joy in the creator. The “that’s the ONE” moment you have with a garment or prop. I am working toward a more permanent way to feature these items but until then I just wanted to post about my progress.

As much as this blog is for you all to read and get some insight into this business of mine - it also acts as a sort of diary for my progress as an artist. I appreciate those who have been following along so far! It wouldn’t be a Red Lemon blog post without images… so here they are! Just a snippet of some pieces I’ve found!