Family is Forever || Lisa & Family

Warning, this blog may get a little tear-jerky.

People come in and out of your life, but family is forever. Some of you may not know, but I lost my mother. It didn't happen long along and is still something I cope with. 

I ran to photography a little bit more when my mom was sick. I took a few more photos but never enough. The last photo I have of my mom was months before she passed and I regret that it wasn't days, or hours before. So when she passed away, I picked up my camera more. I wanted to document life. I wanted to capture moments that happened that made me happy. 

So when Lisa walked into my life, I knew it was my mom's sign that everything was going to be okay. 

Lisa reminds me of my mom in so many ways. They are both passionate woman, respected and well known by everyone who walks by. Always having a smile on their face, and wondering where their glasses went (on top of your head, silly!). Putting family first but still remembering that they are, in fact the queen of their world.

I had worked with Lisa and Clinique many times and we always had a blast. So when she asked if I could do a family session for her, I couldn't say no!  It was no surprise Lisa's family was just as fun loving and wonderful as she is. Shooting with everyone felt like my family. We smiled, laughed, made sure we picked areas that just "looked pretty". Being able to give these images back to them helps the healing process and honestly, that is what art is all about.

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