Importance of Friendship || Sasha & Corinne

If you know me - you'll know I have no problem meeting new people. In fact, I spend my days managing a local hotel's guest services. I love people, all kinds of people. One thing I've noticed over the years however, is I have a hard time "keeping" people. 

Let me explain. 

I met Sasha and Corinne through my photography business. They have been friends for over 10 years and reached out to have a shoot done to showcase their 10 year friendship. This got me thinking. It is so often that people come in and out of our lives. Sometimes they come and go just as quickly; sometimes they are there forever. What I've realized in 2016 however, is in order to have these types of friendships in your life - you have to be a good friend. 

It was so effortless for these two beautiful ladies to met a complete stranger in the park to take photos of them being silly. That scares a lot of people. You could tell that with each other by their sides, it would be no problem. As soon as a smile started to slip, inside jokes and sister-like banter came out.

Who wouldn't want that type of love in their lives?

So for 2017, I promised myself to message people more, and even better - pick up the phone. I promise to ask how more people are doing, to really listen to them. I promise to smile more at strangers and invite them into my world. I promise to be a better friend.

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