Dark Portraits with Adriana |Kingston, Ontario, Canada| Soapbox Poet

Adriana and I met briefly through a temp job both of us had at a local gift shop. Although we didn't get the chance then to know each other, I was happy to stay in contact with her. Not only is Adriana a brilliant soul, she is also a creative artist. Focusing on the written word, you can find (& purchase!) her work on http://www.soapboxpoet.com/. 

When we finally got the chance to collab, we met at one of my favorite locations - Kingston Memorial Center. A staple in the Kingston area, I thought it would make the perfect backdrop to our dark moody shoot. Our session was cut short as it began to rain, but I feel the images we captured together truly showcase raw human emotion. 

I can't wait for our next shoot, a little lighter and brighter for the other side of us!