Portraits with Angel |Kingston, Ontario, Canada| Casual Lifestyle Headshots

Angel is a mother. She is a partner, a family member, a friend, a friendly face. Angel is a sweet soul. Angel is also a Wedding Planner for the modern couple! Angel is my friend and I’m happy we had the chance to meet!

You see, we started supporting each other some time ago. Talked about shoots, creative and professional and mentioned a quick meet up here and there. But life is BUSY. It wasn’t our time.

Before we get too off topic, I will just say I am not a pushy photographer. That’s just not me.
I ask questions, make suggestions for our time together, but in the end - these sessions are about YOU. I certainly don’t pressure you to book with me if the time isn’t right.

That is how each and every shoot is organically YOU. A perfect Slice of Life.

Angel wanted something that reflected her changing business, look and season. She choose warm colours that matched the cooling autumn air. She knew she wanted images that showed the side of her that her clients see. She also wanted these images to look past her camera shyness.

What I suggested? A few quick tips for avoiding deer-in-the-headlights looks and remembering to breathe. A kick-ass location that mixed the fall vibes, but still had aspects of strength and longevity.

& a latter request - another session with her.
I knew these images were golden and we’d both be wanting more!