Post-Processing | What Can You Expect? | A Change In Times

It may be an unpopular opinion… but sometimes I just HATE post processing. I wish we lived in a world where we could take an image and upload it in all it’s RAW glory. That just isn’t the case these days as our end client is subjected to filters, apps to edit images in a flash and the know-how to change a photo. Post-processing has become a standard in the photography world.

What I do love is options!

At first, I edited the set to my brand. Bright, full of life, true colours.

But, this shoot was inspired by a more vintage feel. Although taken in modern day - it deserved to be post processed in a more old fashioned manor.

Insert the secondary edit. While I think both are acceptable… the second option just fits the story better. I think part of being a photographer is recognizing these differences and knowing when to apply option A or option B. Sometimes that means bright and airy - while the next time it may mean dark and moody. Having the flexibility to change this mood is the benefit of post-processing I do love.

Would you agree? What photo set do you prefer?