At the Point with Taryn | Kingston, Ontario, Canada | 50mm Test Shoot

Lemoine Point is one of my favorite places on earth. No matter the season the area is full of beauty. A popular choice for local photographers, it only made sense to use the area for a test shoot.

This one is old. It was with my previous camera, a Nikon D5200, and was the first session I was able to use my 50mm 1.8 lens. Taryn was able to join me on the trails and we created this candid set. Although it has now been years later the milkweed photographs are in my Top 10 favorite images I’ve taken.

They remind me of childhood wishes. I love finding ways to work them into my adult life.

These images were for a test shoot, but I wanted to include them on my website. They are a real Slice of MY Life that I treasure.