Creating an Idea || First Styled Shoot with Jenna

People label me creative, but I feel I just get gifted ideas. If you haven't already read "Big Magic", head to the bookstore and you'll understand what I mean after just a few chapters. 

When I get an idea, I run with it. I never have a solid plan, as I like to find pieces and models as I go along. This creates a more natural feel to my session and causes me less stress in the long run!! My session with Jenna started with one idea. A window.

I knew I wanted a window but I didn't want it attached to anything. So I headed to Habitat for Humanity to see what I could find. No windows. At least none that were inspiring to me. After walking around for a while, the corner of a frame caught my eye. It was wedged between screens as the piece is actually used to accent a screen window. I brought the item to the cash and the guy smiled and said, "two bucks" without me even asking the price. SOLD.

So I had my frame, and I was on to my next purchase. Jars. I wanted to have glass in my shoot, and since the frame was made for fabric screen, I had to improvise. I headed next door to Salvation Army to scoop out their kitchen isles for mason jars. Sadly, they didn't have a huge selection but I managed to score two fruit jars and an ikea milk jar for $1.00 each!

I already knew I wanted a contrasting background to this growing idea, so I assumed I would find an area by trees where I could hang the window. Burlap twine became the next addition to the shoot at a happy $1.00 at the dollar store! Not only did I get a lifetime supply, I was able to hang the frame and also wrap my jars to suspend them within the frames.

The final touch to the jars would be fresh flowers from a local florist. Pam's Flower Garden was a no brainier, as they hold a very special place in my heart. It was such a pleasure to see the staff again and to have them be apart of my vision. When I started into the shop, I had an idea. What you see in the images went above that idea. As with most services the price will depend on the project. For mine, taxes in I spent about $55.00, making it the most expensive part of the shoot. 

The flowers have remained in my home for over a week, sitting in their jars on a shelf. I have the entire plant of Ivy that I plan to have for years to come as it grows with me. And now I finally have my first stylized shoot added to my portfolio. 

Finally, the credit. I couldn't have done any of this without my beautiful model, Jenna. I met her in high school through a mutual friend and recently got back in contact. I knew that being a fashion-forward woman she would be able to create an outfit that would suit my idea. She did absolutely that, as she went into this shoot blind (I like surprises!!), by a few key words and colour suggestions. When asked about hair and makeup, I let her take the creative freedom as I knew she would also go above my expectations in that area as well.

I set out with an idea. It flourished into more than I could have imagined. I'm beyond proud of my team and am proud to show that you don't need to spend hundreds of dollars to create beautiful images. This entire shoot was under $100.00 and was shot in my own neighborhood park. I hope this inspires you to think outside of the box and to chase your ideas.

Ladies and gentleman, these photos speak for themselves. Whimsical spirit, this girl. I couldn't be more thrilled about our results <3