Finding Paradise in the Park with Taryn & Friends

This is a beautiful world. We have countless places that are tucked behind neighborhoods I would have never thought to explore. When Taryn told me about this little slice of heaven, I expected much less than what I saw. 

At first the park (which of course, I can never remember the name of!) looks like your average subdivision park. Chunky climbing structure, green grass and some forest areas. However, if you trek just a few meters into the forest - you come across a stunning creek side. That my friends is where we stopping and began our shoot.

We were joined by Chris of Four 19 Photography and Taryn's boyfriend (who we put to good use with the reflector.. thanks Ryan!) which made our little adventure complete. It was a lovely morning filled with laughs, new ideas and a DOG AMBUSH!! Oh... and here is the GOLD we got!!