Sunset Sisters Katelyn & Rebecca

There is NOTHING I love more than sisters. The love between two woman, especially ones that share genetics, is truly magical. To be able to have a friend who will never leave you, to share clothing and beauty tips and to gossip, gossip gossip!!

I had the chance to meet these two sisters when we went for a stroll through Lake Ontario Park. I had never met these two prior to our shoot, but like family, they welcomed me into their world. We laughed, we talked and we spent hours capturing memories. 

I can't stress enough the importance of capturing yourself and the ones your love in lasting images. Too many times people wait for an event or a special time to dust off their photographers... but honestly, daily life needs to be captured to. That's exactly what Katelyn and Rebecca wanted, simple real moments.

These images capture the beauty that is in everyone of us. These are real, unposed images of people who are just like you. So what are you waiting for... where are we headed next?? :D