April Photo Challenge! #RedLemonPHOTO

CONTEST STARTS APRIL 1st!! I wanted to create a photo challenge that was a structured in a way to think outside of the box. Many of the terms or themes listed below are open ideas and will result in a variety of different styled images. It doesn’t make a difference if you’re taking these photographs on a cell phone or a top-of-the-line camera. This challenge is meant to bring a community together and allow us to grow as artists and free-thinkers. So come along on this 30 day challenge, and don’t forget to use the hashtag #RedLemonPHOTO so I can see (and maybe even share!) some of your images!! Share on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or anywhere you get social!! 


1.Self Portrait

Take a photo of yourself, without any help from anyone. Let’s see the faces of the Red Lemon Photo Challenge!!

2.Guilty Pleasure

Take a photo of something or someone you consider a guilty pleasure, but do it in an artistic way. Let the image speak for itself!


It could be close up or far away, but show something with an interesting texture. You can either tell us what it is, or have your followers guess!

4.On the Way to Work

Show us your perspective on the world as you head to your job. Don’t have a position or have a day off? Take a photo on the way to doing something productive!

5.Negative Space

Center the focus of your image in a way that creates negative space in the remainder of the image. Get creative using fun walls, open fields or even the sky!


How we get around and move is important. It doesn’t have to be your method of transportation but find a creative way to show how people get around from place to place.

7.Intentional Blur

The one time where a clearly focused image is NOT wanted! Create some intentional blur by trying different shooting methods. Shooting on a cell phone? Try moving the phone when you don’t have the option or change shutter speeds!


Use a mirror, a puddle or even your friend’s sunglasses – today’s challenge is to take a photograph with a reflection in it!

9.Colour Priority

What is your favorite colour? Mine is RED! Focus today’s image on one solid colour that fills the frame!


The best things in life are real moments. Candid photos are my favorite type of photo. One, two, three, SHOOT! J

11.Frame Within a Frame

Have you seen those images of a person hold a picture frame with them making a face behind it? This isn’t that type of photo. Create shapes instead within the frame that shape the primary focus (just don’t use an ACTUAL picture frame!!)

12.Macro/Close Up

Get up close and personal in today’s challenge. This could be a close up of anything, but make it interesting and don’t be afraid to GET IN THERE!

13.A Daily Task

Showcase something that you do each day. Maybe it’s brushing your teeth or prepping your lunch. We want to see a day-in-your-life!


One aspect of photography that has always interested me is motion. I’m not a pro with capturing movement and I’m sure you aren’t either. Time to prove me wrong with today’s challenge!

15.Someone in their Natural Habitat

It could be a boyfriend, girlfriend, mother, child or business person. It could be posed or candid- But show someone in their favorite place to be!

16.High Angle

Time to reach new heights! Take today’s photo at a high angle to create some interesting perspectives.

17.Low Angle

You guessed it… now I want to take you LOW. Get down on the ground or under something to create the opposite style of image from yesterday!

18.Back Lit

It’s becoming warmer and sunnier day by day. Shoot in “golden hour” to create beautiful backlit images. Missed out on the sun? Use a lamp or light in your home and see if you can create the same effect!

19.Hidden Gems or Favorite Places

Maybe it’s your hide away or a place everyone knows about. Show us your happy place in #YGK (or if you’re following along in another city, your own hotspot!).

20.What’s in Your Bag

Show us what you’re shooting with! If you have gear to tag along, make sure you get that in the photo too! Shooting on your phone? Throw it back Myspace style with a mirror selfie showing off that cellular-teleular!

21.Light Drawing/Play

Play with light. Create shadows and light trails and anything else that inspires you. You control the light, show us what you can create!

22.Shoot Through Something

Get creative. Windows are boring so pick something interesting to shoot through. Maybe it’s a plastic bag, or some lace, something sheer to semi-sheer works best!

23.Inspiring Image

What inspires you? Show it, and explain in the capture why and how it inspires you!

24.Street Photography  - No Faces

I know some people can be a little uneasy photographing people or things you don’t know. Take this challenge to the streets but don’t include anyone’s face. Bonus points for a cool story tagged with your image!


This is a no-brainer. Show us what makes you smile!

26.Roll World/Boomarang/ App Edit

Today’s challenge is a bit different! Use ANY photo or video editor today! I personally LOVE Roll World and Boomerang – but I know there are lots of different ones. Edit a new photo or an old favorite!

27.“Body Part” Focused Portrait

You don’t always have to focus on someone’s face in a portrait. Some of the most interest images show powerful hands, strong legs or sometimes even just a great hair style. Focus on something other than a person’s face for today’s photo.

28.Water Priority

Today is all about water! In it, around it, drops or full lakes. Make sure you stay hydrated with today’s challenge!

29.Something That You Love!

The title says it all. Today is all about LOVE! Show it, spread it and don’t forget to tell those that they are LOVED!

30.Creative Self Portrait

Now that you’ve completed 30 days… show off what you learned in this CREATIVE self-portrait challenge. Use any of the skills or techniques you practiced above. Now… go back and put the two side by side… what one do you like better?

THANK YOU to everyone who followed along or took the time to comment and like the photos posted in this challenge! I hope you’re able to see the world through different eyes and take that approach into your art. For those who are not photographers, you are the real MVP. Taking on a challenge that you know less about proves that you are a creative soul, and honestly – the world needs more of YOU around!!