Love Should be Silly || Awesome Wedding with Jess & Ren

Often times at my day job, we have couples looking to hold weddings in our halls. Lucky for me, this gives me a chance to meet brides and grooms. In no way am I a wedding photographer, I am however a lover of love. So when Jess and Ren said they were interested in having ME as their photographer I was beyond flattered!

I've never met two people so silly in love. My cheeks hurt by the end of the day. 

The details of their wedding day were more than perfect. From the men's super hero boutonniere, flower crowns, DIY games at the reception and a photo booth finale - this wedding was filled with AWESOME!

In 2016 the important of fun and happiness in a relationship was one of the greatest lessons I learned. It doesn't take shiny things and expensive outings to create a lasting relationship. It takes laughter, and talks to brighten each other up and a whole lot of nerdy bits tossed in. 

Ashlee StanleyComment