Second Shooting for Beauty Light Love | Kingston, Ontario, Canada | Lauren & Mark's Wedding

The pleasure of working in the photography field is working with others. It’s being able to learn from those we admire and respect.

I met Janelle, but it wasn’t through photography. We met while we both worked for Le Chateau, my first retail clothing job when I was just merely 16 years old. I admired Janelle then with the way she carried herself on the sales floor, her work ethic and her warm personality.

More than 10 years later, I found myself by her side shooting a beautiful wedding.

I assisted Janelle (who leads with her clients, starting with shooting the getting ready portion of the day with Mark. We met in Downtown Kingston and shot the most important details to the groom. As we had visits from family members I began to capture the little moments of life, the ones we should always indulge in.

We moved along to meet with Lauren, the stunning bride. Janelle was smiling from cheek to cheek. The rest of the day was spent along side my friend. We laughed, teared up and spent hours into the evening capturing this beautiful wedding. At key points, where a second shooter wasn’t needed - I sat back.

I watched Janelle work, completely in her zone. The passion that radiated from the woman I met at Le Chateau was ten fold. She was in her true element as a Kingston Wedding Photographer.

These images were all shot my me, but all of the images were edited to be consistent with the ones Janelle personally shot. I can not take credit for the editing as it was Janelle who finished the images below. I’m so proud to have assisted Beauty Light Love on this wedding, but more proud to have a person like Janelle as my dear friend.