Surprise Engagement at Holy Cross SS | Kingston, Ontario, Canada | High School Sweethearts Travis & Anjelica

If you told me I’d be going back to high school in my adult years, I’d call you CRAZY!

But realistically, this entire experience was!

Through a referral, Travis reached out to me asking if I would be able to help him. He was looking to surprise his long term sweetheart, Anjelica, with an engagement proposal at Holy Cross SS, one of Kingston’s local high schools. He asked if I would be able to photograph the event.

I attended this school for Grade 9 only, so didn’t have the chance to cross paths with the couple.

But that school, it was everything to them. It was their special place (well, plus a few other local favorites!) and Travis knew that would be the place he’d finally take the next step.

I have never seen a proposal to be completely honest, and I don’t believe that fact dawned on me until I was standing with Travis and his family & friends. This was going to happen. I was getting extremely excited and the best part - not a single person doubted how this would play out.

That is love. True, passionate, real love.

We waited in a decorated stairway, while Anjelica was blindfolded and toured around random streets. She had a hunch something special was going to happen - but the HAPPINESS on her face when the blindfold was removed tells the real story.

Yes! She said YES!

A short celebration of hugs, tears, a video shout out/slideshow created to celebrate the couple; this proposal was the perfect mix of personal and extravagant. Perfectly them.

It is amazing what you learn and see in people when they invite you to life events like this. Photography has allowed me to have eyes into a world I may not have been able to experience before and I’m forever thankful to my couples for that.

Congratulations to the engaged couple!!