Photo Feature from 2016 | Kingston, Ontario, Canada | The Staycationer, Snide Studios and Four/19 Photography

2016 was a whirlwind of new experiences, new people and new beginnings. I have never lived a more eventful year than that of my 25th. From the start of the year things were different. I was in a brighter mindset. I wanted to go out and love my city and everything it had to offer. So I did. I got out more. I said no less. I faced some of my fears and I created a path to carry me to my future. This year wouldn't have been complete without those who inspire me. Those who make me feel like a better person, inside and out. 

If anyone would have asked me if I was a model, I would have laughed at them. Rosalyn didn't think it was an odd question however. A local blogger and retail associate of Agent 99, this girl sure knows how to use a camera to capture natural looking fashion shots. Having complete and utter faith in the stylists at Agent 99, I didn't turn down an outfit that was handed to me to showcase and BOY was I ever happy with what they picked! My confidence in both my skill in front of the camera and confidence wearing different styles of clothing sky rocketed and I owe it all to them! 

Stepping outside of your comfort level with clothing choices is one thing... but completely taking on the role of a different character is another!! Each year, Aj of Snide Studios features more additions to her vampire series. This year we had talked about shooting together, but last minute she asked if I was free. I was in my pajamas and considered say no. But why would I? What a wonderful, fun and new experience. So I tossed on something "vampy" and we hit up a run down parking garage. As you can see, the images are killer. Never say no to a chance to be someone else for one day - you never know what you'll be able to channel! 

I don't believe I would have been as comfortable to do the two previous shoots if it wasn't for my guy Chris. Four/19 Photography, who has been featured before on this blog. These images are from our second shoot wandering through downtown Kingston. These images were the start of my interest as a model. I mean.. he just makes anyone look so, so good. Thankfully in 2016 I was able to meet Chris and it started our forever friendship. Here's to 2017, bud! ;)

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