Meet Ashlee | Kingston, Ontario, Canada | First Photo Feature from Four/19 Photography

2016 has brought about so much growth, both professionally and personally. I have worked with some wonderful models, local talent and one extremely talented photographer. One Friday afternoon I had the chance to meet Chris from Four/19 Photography (you can find his work here, here, and here!). We met up downtown, scooped out a few places and quickly jumped into shooting. I hadn't known what to expect prior to meeting Chris, and honestly what happened next blew me away!

Not only is Chris a talented photographer, but as a person he is top notch. Photography is a passion of his, that he uses to express his creative side that he doesn't always use at his full time job. He has a studio space in his home where he has photographed stunning models, athletes and business clients to list a few. His knowledge of handling light doesn't stop in the studio as his on location work compliments his style as well. If his abilities didn't wow you enough - he also has a wedding portfolio that will make ANY bride drool!!

So he can do it all. I wouldn't think twice about working with him for your next photography session or event. His wisdom of the craft is outstanding... but his eye for beauty, that's where Chris truly shines.

I wanted to write this post as both a thank you to Chris, but also to show everyone why I was blow away with working with him. I, being a photographer, am not usually in front of the camera. When Chris and I first connected I offered to model for him in hopes I would have a shot or two to use for my "about me" page on my website.

Most of you wouldn't know my story, but I actually lost over 50lbs within the past year and a half. I am also turning 25 years old this coming June. I have never felt more alive and beautiful in my life than I have these past three months. Chris was able to capture exactly how I feel about myself - beautiful.

I had tears rolling down my cheeks as I went through the images he sent me (which was over 80 to choose from!!). I wasn't expecting anyone to be able to capture me in a light that was completely me. I felt the pictures represent everything my business and my heart hold. I look happy. I look carefree. I look like the girl I see in the mirror, and to have a total stranger be able to see that - well that is magical.

These photos show me at my prime. They show my most happy times and set a tone for how I'd like to grow in my future. Words are not enough to extend how thankful I am to the creative soul behind Four/19 Photography, Chris, you really are the best!! To see some images, visit Chris's blog post here!