Boudoir Photo Feature from Rob | Kingston, Ontario, Canada | Rob Whelan Photography

Being undressed means more than just taking off your clothing.

It means stripping the layers.

It means being bare.


You have to feel at home.


At ease.

I lived in this apartment for a little over a year.
That year, I will never forget.

It wasn’t what I expected.
I loved it more for that.

When Rob reached out about wanting to promote his boudoir sessions, I was in.

The impression some people have of these types of shoots varies.

I would be naive to think that they aren’t sexualized. They are.
But the beauty? What you make love to.
What curves you feature.
What dark spaces you want to adventure into.

My apartment.
My first, solo, apartment.

If that apartment was a lover,
It would be a summer fling and a winter freeze rolled into one.

I felt these images showed that contrast. Rob truly does a beautiful job.

These images are love.
They are my treasure from my old apartment.
They are love.

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