Photo Feature from Taylor | Kingston, Ontario, Canada | Taylor Grant Photo

This session feels like a distant memory.  

I can remember small pieces... thinking of excuses to bail (we’ve all been there!), body issues & the moment we thought we’d be kicked out (or murdered, thanks anxiety!)


Photos really, truly, mean the world to me. We all forget after a while.  Images help spark those feelings or memories again & again. 


I suffer, yes SUFFER, from mental health. I don’t currently have a handle on things. I remember this session being during a flare up; which explains the flight-complex & negativity! I think that Taylor may have also knew it. 


This woman makes you feel like pure gold. Our friendship bloosmed through photography & holds strong because of the feeling I get around Taylor. She’s passion & softness mixed with fierce determination. 

I wasn’t feeling myself during this session, but when you’re told to strike a power pose - you do as you’re told!! I’m so thankful to have these images to remind me of a time when I thought I was so little, but someone saw me as being so much more. 


Friends, I’ll sum this up for you:  


1) Always push past your emotions, you are more than them  

2) It’s okay to be little uncomfortable, the rest of the world doesn’t see you like that

3) Taylor Grant Photo is the and I’m blessed to work & be friends with inspiring woman like her!