Photo Feature from Love and Exposure Photography | Kingston, Ontario, Canada | Paint the World with Caylee and Tommy

Because as members of society we were told to colour inside the lines for so long that when we colour outside the lines we are unable to see our creation. We see a mess rather than a masterpiece. - Caylee Ortiz

I had the pleasure to assist my friend on her vision. Paint the World was born from the mind of Caylee and she did a full blog post about her thoughts on the project. You can find it all on her blog,

I’ve had the chance to work with Tommy ( on a few occasions and his work never fails to amaze me. The piece he crafted from my image of Caylee hangs proudly in my living room, admired daily! It’s a pleasure to have been his canvas for this shoot!

It wouldn’t have been the same without the photography styling of Janita ( and I’m glad I finally had the chance to work with her. Although we were shooting in my near empty apartment (I was moving!) in many of the images it feels like an upscale studio! Please enjoy the images she took below!