Boudoir Photo Feature from Chris | Kingston, Ontario, Canada | Four/19 Photography

Being bold is not easy. Some people claim to be naturally bold, but in reality I believe it is something we have to teach ourselves. I also believe it depends on your definition of bold. To me, being bold means stepping completely outside of your normal. Once you understand what is normal for you, I challenge you to change it. At least for one day.

Boudoir is outside my normal. But, I figured if I was going to be bold. I would do it beautifully, and I wanted the best!

So I picked my photographer, a no brainer - Chris, Four/19 Photography.

Location was an easy choice, as the Delta Waterfront has the BEST view of city hall. It was pure luck I had a suite on the third floor. Three is my favorite number!

I could have stopped there. I mean, what more do you need than the perfect photographer and location?


When you rent a room, unless the hotel has a day rate, you would have to book the room overnight. This is what I did, but of course I didn't want to ruin the aesthetics of the room.

Instead I slept at home but headed over around 4am to the hotel.

I wanted to watch the sunrise. I wanted to take advantage of being able to slowly get ready for our 9am shoot. So that is how I felt bold.

I spent the morning snapping some images of Kingston and listening to some tunes to get photo shoot ready! I had a glass of wine (because why not?!) and did my hair and makeup just how I like it. 

As for outfits, I believe I brought everything I owned. As I was dancing around the hotel room , I hung them in the closet. I had no plan for what outfits I'd wear. I believe that you never know what is going to make you feel sexy until you're in the moment - so that is what I relied on. 

All in all, the shoot was more than what I imagined. It was scary and strange but felt empowering and new. I believe seeing yourself in positions and outfits outside of your "normal" photographs you've had is really life changing. I had never really felt comfortable in my own skin, but now I have a collection of images that make me feel beautiful and remind myself, to be bold.

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