Meet the Fur Family | Kingston, Ontario, Canada | 3 Cats, 1 Dog


Animals make the world a better place. We learn from them, find companionship and love in them, structure our lives around them, the list goes on. For me, I’ve always had pets inside the home. I don’t remember a time I didn’t have at least a fish. They just complete a home for me. Sadly, we all know that our fur family doesn’t stick around forever. They have such a short time with us, and if you’re anything like me - that causes you to go a little overboard on the love!

In this stage of life, this is my family.

I can’t stress enough how much I LOVE my animals. So much so, I quit my job being a retail manager and applied to a local pet store to be closer to animals. Right now, they are my stress management. I don’t think anyone can be stressed petting a kitten or snuggling a dog. Seriously.

You’ll be seeing a little more of these furry pals throughout this website and my social media so I thought I’d start with a little introduction!


Rocco, my first “gotcha”. Our adventure started February 24th 2014 at 10 months old.

I was looking for a dog. I had a void to fill after my family had to rehome our first dog. It had been some time after, that I started looking for the perfect pup. I had always been around dogs 70lbs+ and knew with my lifestyle that wouldn’t work. So I started looking for someone closer to 10lbs. I met a few at the KHS but no one seemed right.

I remember when my good friend sent me Rocco’s photo. That big head, ears and eyes looking straight into the camera. He was my dog, I knew it. When we met, he was scared and confused. This poor guy was turned in on Valentine’s Day… a stray? I believe he was an unkeepable gift. My win. I filled out his paperwork that evening and had to wait for his neuter to take him home.

Five years later, he is the most incredible dog. He loves to travel, sleep, chew any treats, chase the cats, bark at Marty the mailman, growl at us when we shift him to make room… he simply fills our life with joy.

This fun loving corgi cross (the second half, we say chihuahua but DNA testing says pug!) lives his best life. I am so proud I’ve shown him love and a good home. More pups need that.

Tael Cat

Cats… if you know one or own[ruled by] one… you’ll understand how you can’t stick to just one. This is Tael (pronounced like Tail) and our adventure began August 24th 2015.

I wasn’t looking for a cat. I actually had cats all my life, and at that stage was living with a past partner who also had 2 cats. But when I met this sweet little girl, I couldn’t leave her. Seriously, I took her home that night!

I was visiting with friends who had a large property with several animals - including cats and a pile of kittens! These tiny floofs warmed my heart, but just one stuck out. A tiny calico girl. Remember when I said I had cats all my life? The one that stuck out the most was Kamiko. She was my girl, also, a calico. I half-joked that I was going to steal the little kitten and my friend responded with “please, they are actually ready to go!”. WHAT. Wow, in that moment I had a cat.

Fast forward 4 years, and this polydactyl beauty is queen of our kingdom. She is sweet, neutering to her sisters, is obsessed with chasing kitty treats, loves games of catch and has mastered the art of “bouldering” while we sleep. [HOW are cats so HEAVY when they sleep!!]. I feel like this girl found me. We were meant to meet. I didn’t want cats at that stage, but I NEEDED her. It may seem silly, but I believe she has a little of my Kamiko and a little of my mom in her. She really helps heal my heart.

Twig Cat

Oh Twiggy, Twig, Bad Cat, Daddo’s favorite kitter.

Our adventure started May 16th 2016. Again, I was NOT looking for another cat.

I was working. Shooting the start of a look book for a client. I was living near a park that had a small treed area with walking paths. It made the perfect backdrop for us, so we started the session there. As we made our way through the paths, we could see two little girls, tuna can in hand, calling up a tree. Being animal lovers, we headed over to see if we could help them with their pet! We said hello, asked if they needed assistance with their cat. “Oh, it isn’t ours, we were just trying to get it down. But we have to go inside now.” They left. We didn’t have any tuna cans.

So here we are googling how to get a cat out of a tree. We called fire rescue, animal control, humane society - no one would come help us. Some animal lovers they are. So I called my partner at the time. We lived a 5 minute walk away, so he was quick to come over. He met us at the base of the tree, looked up, smiled and said “No problem, I can get the cat!” Just like that, he climbed this TINY tree to the top, scruffed the scared cat, and started back down. My client and I were BOTH ready to catch the cat.. or worse case, both of them. But without issues, he saved this tiny grey cat.

After weeks of calling around, sharing photos and posting on social media to find her home… we were left with no leads. Well, that little grey cat, that we had named Twig after where we found her, had already found her home. She settled in with Tael and my past partner’s two cats. Okay, I guess I now had another cat. While she’s certainly not the best behaved cat, I mean, we DID find her in a tree… we all love her. Her best life is spent eating any food she cat find (especially Rocco’s), laying on top of her sister Tael, yelling at the worst times to get attention, avoiding all attention outside of chin scratches, and being inside - warm and safe.

Teeah Cat

This is Teeah. Our adventure began November 23rd 2018.

I’m not sure if I was looking for a cat or just being open to the idea of another addition to our family. I was working a shift at the pet store when this six month old kitten came in. We often had cats for adoption from the KHS but this girl and I connected. A few days went by and everyone loved her. She was bold, a purr machine and wanted to always be around or lounging in the cat trees. My heart would ache when people showed interest in her… and a few times I may had fibbed and told people she had a “pending adoption”. Well… in a way she did. I was in love. I KNEW she’d fit in our family. The first step? Have Hans meet her.

Love. At. First. Sight.

She was ours! She passed the test with flying colours. This perfect little girl completes our family. While she may have started as a bold pet store kitten, her adventured didn’t stop there. She is really fearless. She loves to try to follow her brother Rocco outside, even in the snow! Food is life for her, and she is always happy to help her sisters, or US, clear the plate. She is a morning cat, loud, let’s you know when she wants to snuggle and just enjoys life like no other.

I really think we can learn a lot from animals. I feel like a calmer person having these critters in my life. While children aren’t in our plan right now - our fur family keeps us busy, scheduled and full of heart.

I’d love to hear about your furry, scaley, hairless pets! Each one has such a unique “gotcha” story and place in our homes and hearts. As a shameless plug, that is why I do pet photography. I LOVE animals so much and I believe we should celebrate their lives. Plus, they never complain about having a bad side. ;)

Leave your stories below!