CLOSED - Southpaw Cat Cafe | Kingston, Ontario, Canada

EDIT - As of June 2018, Southpaw closed it’s doors to the public. Don’t worry, all the kitties found a home, and Scott is actively perusing other passions. A happy ending for all.

Who doesn't love coffee? Now, picture sipping on your favorite brew being surrounded by cute, cuddly kitties. That is exactly what you can expect at Southpaw Cat Cafe. Located in the west end of Kingston, Southpaw is the cat's pajamas. 

I had the opportunity to visit (and have returned countless times since) with Jesse. Being a fashion icon here certainly has its perks - one being asked to model for local businesses! 

We headed into the cafe and met with Scott, who is a pleasure to be around. His knowledge of business combined with his love for rescuing cats is the purrfect combination to open this cafe.

The only problem with this shoot was... I was too distracted!! How could anyone possibility work when you have furry friends wanting to play?! SUCH a hard life I had....

I did manage to capture a few photos, as you can see below. Of course, I also left with my very own Southpaw Cat Cafe hoodie which has been my go-to for hanging at home and out on the town. I've been stopped and asked about it and I shameless promoted the cafe to anyone who even just said "nice hoodie". 

But don't take my word for it.... go visit the cafe today (and don't forget to try the treats, like cats... you won't be able to have just one!!)